International No-till organizations


Alberta Farm Machinery Center (bad link)$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/eng3096/ (is this one correct?)
This Western Canadian team of engineers and technologists specialize in producing information based on research, development and evaluation for agricultural machinery and technology. Whether you are a no-tiller or a small business in agriculture, the Center provides expertise in the areas of development, evaluation, research and information and technology transfer. This Web site contains sections on coming events, breaking news and research. Other special features include an "Ask the Expert" link and crop calculators.


European Conservation Agriculture Federation
The European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF) brings together seven national associations which promote soil management "best practice" aspects of conservation agriculture among Europe's farmers. With member associations in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom, ECAF represents the interests of the majority of the European Union's cropped farmland. This Web site can be read in seven languages including English. It has information on the groups, environmental benefits, economic benefits, legislation in Europe, a calendar of events, national associations and related links. It also has information on the World Congress—an initiative of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF)—which focuses on the world-wide challenge of conservation agriculture.


International Erosion Control Association
This site gives ideas and suggestions for dealing with erosion, under both non-irrigated and irrigated situations. The site features a bookstore, product links, other links, conference information, training, a photo gallery, student resources and much more!


Manitoba-North Dakota Zero-Tillage Farmers Association
The folks in Manitoba and North Dakota are always trying new and exciting things. Visit this site to download their online no-till manuals, check out coming events, chat with other no-tillers or post a message on the no-till message board


Ontario Corn Producers Association
This site addresses environmental issues and soil carbon benefits with no-till. There are several places where the benefits of no-till for the environment are demonstrated.
The site contains over 160 pages of information about corn. Among the topics on the site are results of hybrid corn performance trials, a list of Ontario corn exporters and information on pesticides, crop inputs and biotechnology.


Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association
Meet the staff, read the conference proceedings from the past few years of annual conference and learn more about no-tilling and direct drilling in the far north. A Farmers Helping Farmers page and a page on Project SOILS soil conservation education program are also featured. The Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association (SSCA) is a non-profit, producer-based organization whose mission is to "promote conservation production systems that improve the land for future generations."


Rolf Derpsch
Dedicating his entire site to educating and explaining why no-till works, Rolf Derpsch was one of the first to research no-till technology in Brazil and Latin America. Derpsch is currently a senior advisor for the German Agency for Technical Cooperation, a company he has worked for since 1966. Fluent in six languages, this Web site can be read in English, German and Spanish. Along with the variety of languages, this site offers no-tillers an opportunity to find out about world-wide events, news about no-till, a brief history of the system and much more.


Specialized Crop Protection Program Of The Canada-Saskatchewan Agri-Food Innovation Fund
The Specialized Crop Protection Program has two main components, the HUB program and the SPOKE program. The Specialized Crop Program's research and demonstration actions include plant breeding and agronomic research to be carried out by a central core of researchers (the "hub") with applied research and demonstration to be carried out at regional locations (the "spoke" sites). The objective of HUB is to develop adapted, high quality cultivars and disease control techniques for specific specialized crop production constraints. The focus of SPOKE is to establish regional applied research programs to find solutions to agronomic and crop protection problems and demonstrate dryland and irrigation specialized crop production techniques to producers. This site provides details on all the activities involved in the SPOKE programs, as well as summaries of the research findings. There are links to events, research, commodity groups, related links and feedback.


Western Australian No-Tillage Farmers Association
This is a farmer group determined to find sustainable ways of growing high yield crops. Severe wind erosion on sandy soils and water erosion and structural damage to loamy soils motivated farmers to develop successful no-tilling practices. WANTFA provides information to farmers about no-till systems and facilitates the exchange of ideas, encourages no-till research and disseminates no-till information. Formed in 1992, the group has since grown to 1,370 members throughout Australia and employs a part-time administration officer and a full-time scientific officer with funds from the Grains Research Development Corporation.
Coming events, the group's newsletter, no-till links and "down-under" no-till cropping information are among the items you'll find on this Web site