US No-till organizations


American Soybean Association
The American Soybean Association's Web site includes the latest news, policy and export information. The site also features regional weather, soybean market prices and commodity reports.


Coffee County Conservation Tillage Alliance, Inc. (bad link - is a new site available?)
The Coffee County Conservation Tillage Alliance, Inc. was organized in April 1994 by a group of farmers, Georgia Extension Office personnel and Natural Resource Conservation Service personnel for the purpose of entering a new era of agriculture, Conservation Tillage and Sustainable Agriculture. This grass root organization includes farmers, livestock and poultry growers, university research and extension personnel, local and federal soil and water agencies and all other interested individuals, who want to encourage and facilitate the adoption of sound agriculture practices that are environmentally, economically and socially acceptable.


Dakota Lakes Research Research Farm
The Dakota Lakes Research Farm's primary goal is to identify, research, and demonstrate methods of strengthening and stabilizing the agriculture economy. Dwayne Beck is the farm's manager. The research farm is operated by South Dakota State University, but the land and other fixed facilities are owned by a nonprofit corporation owned by area farmers


Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association
The Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association is a grower-based organization committed to increasing economical, direct seed farming systems in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, and Idaho). The Association is committed to direct seeding as a preferred strategy in achieving economic and environmental benefit. PNDSA fills a void by uniting growers under a cropping system, rather than one specific crop, and by bringing together diverse groups with common interests to effect economic benefit for growers and environmental benefits for society as a whole. Their web site provides links, news and information, seeding policies and more.


Far West Agribusiness Association
The Far West Agribusiness Association is dedicated to efficient plant production with a commitment to professionalism, environmental protection and safety. The site provides agricultural news, legislation and regulation updates, safety information and environmental awareness.


Indiana Conservation Tillage Initative
The Indiana Conservation Tillage Initiative is public/private effort to expand the adoption of no-till and management of other high residue farming methods.


International Erosion Control Association
This site gives ideas and suggestions for dealing with erosion, under both non-irrigated and irrigated situations. The site features a bookstore, product links, other links, conference information, training, a photo gallery, student resources and much more!


Manitoba-North Dakota Zero-Tillage Farmers Association
The folks in Manitoba and North Dakota are always trying new and exciting things. Visit this site to download their online no-till manuals, check out coming events, chat with other no-tillers or post a message on the no-till message board.


National Corn Growers Association
NCGA represents U.S. corn growers. Their site includes information on key issues such as biotechnology, ethanol, transportation, trade and research and development.


No-till on the Plains
No-Till on the Plains, Inc. is a partnership of farmers, agribusinesses, associations, and state and federal agencies that are committed to increasing the adoption of cropping systems that will enhance soil and water quality, economic potential and the quality of life. The organization is devoted to educating farmers about how to develop economically, agronomically, and environmentally sound crop production systems through the application of no-till farming techniques. Currently, there are several local no-till alliances organized around the state and the number is growing yearly.


Potash & Phosphate Institute
The Potash & Phosphate Institute/Potash & Phosphate Institute of Canada (PPI/PPIC) has been integrated into the newly organized International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)
This Web site is geared primarily toward farmers seeking agronomic information related to potash and phosphate, but other important fertilizer considerations are also addressed. International and North American programs are described and there is information on research and education and precision farming. Among the articles on the site are a series of articles on fall fertilization, crop nutrients and the environment.


South Dakota No-Till Association
The purpose of this association is to promote, advance and improve agriculture through the utilization of no-till farming methods. The group encourages, aids and conducts research on no-till farming practices and disseminates information to producers using or wanting to use no-till cropping systems. This Web site contains information on the No-Till System Technology Transfer Project, Dakota Lakes Research Farm, South Dakota State University, workshops, newsletters, no-till acres and by-laws of the association. A No-Till Cafe provides visitors with online discussion opportunities.


Soybean Cyst Nematode Coalition
Now forwards to: Iowa State University of Science and Technology
This Web site features information from the Soybean Cyst Nematode Coalition, a unique partnership of state soybean checkoff boards, land-grant universities from 10 North Central states, seed companies, grower cooperatives and soybean industry leaders. The site features soybean cyst nematode facts, testing labs, coalition publications, training materials and a link to the group's 2-year progress report.


USDA Agricultural Research Service
On this site you'll find news and information about the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service (ARS), related links, ARS research and national programs. There's even section called "Find the Expert" at ARS.